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Work From Joy, Brilliance & Prosperity?

Uncover Your Unique Genius Codes & Calling And Work In Your Zone Of Brilliance.


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For Strong, Ambitious, Independent Women.


Who are experiencing resentment, & dissatisfaction with their work/business which often can lead to frustrations with their relationships, and body.


Who want to learn ONE simple & effective system that will simultaneously...

1-  Align you to your unique genius and gifts, experience working from pure joy, so you can unlock and experience all the opportunities, joy, abundance and prosperity that is available uniquely for you in this lifetime. "True Power"

2- Elevate all your relationships so you can experience being adored, honoured and attract high frequency, talented and loving people into your personal life and work.  "Pure Love"

3- Return to your natural youthful beauty and vitality. Your natural beauty beyond the physical, when expressed, is what attracts euphoric experiences & people! "True Magnetism".


You might have done a lot of mindset, meditation, therapy, personal development work in the past but you are still left wondering... 

Why do I still feel like I am missing something? 

The Universe Works On Alignment.

Not Time. Not Sacrifice. Not Hard Work.


When You Align Your Business Or Career With The Natural Energy You Were Born With, That's When You Will Attract Magical Opportunities.

Introducing the most revolutionary, practical and efficient way USING ONE METHOD to up level and massively transform your career/business, relationships and body SIMULTANEOUSLY!!!


When This Great Life You've Cultivated Doesn't Make Sense Anymore... 



That a portal of bigger, better opportunities has opened up for you. This is exciting!

BUT I know, it does NOT feel exciting.

Our minds are conditioned to resist it, not see it and hold us back because it thinks it is protecting us! 

All while simultaneously, your Higher Self is trying to get your attention and show you the way to your brilliance.


So your mind is pulling you one way  <- and your higher self is pulling you another way ->

Can you see that this creates chaos within you that forces you to move against your own Self.


And any chaos in our outer world is simply a reflection of unseen chaos in our inner world.

But once you ALIGN the mind with your higher self (your natural self/ your natural energy)... you will begin to unlock all the prosperity, love, soul friends/mate/clients, joy, adventure, opportunities that are available for you in this lifetime. 







NOTE:  The next workshop is February 2nd, 3rd and 4th!




You don't need a healer.

You don't need a therapist.

You don't need a mindset teacher, or a guru, or anyone outside of you...


To tell you what to think, what to do, who your are, and why you are here. Your higher self already has all your answers.

I have seen a lot of co-dependancy and worshiping in this industry and it is with love in my heart that I refuse to lead others that way.

My heart desires to teach my clients the ancient scientific divinities in the most practical and simplest way so that they can unlock their own individual Truth, Wisdom, Gifts, and finally align to that dreamy life that their soul has been calling them towards and NEVER 'NEED' A COACH AGAIN!

Even in our darkest moments our higher self continues to whisper to us, reminding us that we do not need to play small, that our desires matter and everything we want is within reach.


A lost, forgotten, gifted, powerful and magnetic part of you is now ready to come home and lead.


Imagine having the support, a safe place, and the structure and intelligence you need to align to Your Goddess Within 'your higher self' and transform your work/business, love life, relationships, body and health simultaneously...

Using ONE System!

Natalie, I am ready, let's chat!

"Why Am I Here?"

This question is as old as the mountains. 


What if I told you that you were born on a specific day, at a specific time and in a specific place for a reason. 

What if I told you that there's a contemporary adaptation of the I Ching, and other ancient wisdoms that would provide you with a structure that leads you to understanding what is locked up in the energy you carry.

When you walk in a room... people feel your energy (shadows and gifts)! Just like you sense theirs.

You were built to "give" energy a certain way, and "receive" energy a certain way.

The most powerful person in any room is the person that understands the energy they give and receive from others.  

These ancient systems show you what gifts are locked away in your energy. And Natalie's gifting sheds from your energy what is blocking your gifts and causing the many interruptions in your life.

Basically... you did come to this planet with a manual! LOL It's called Human Design and Gene Keys.

As you go deeper... the living wisdom within you begins to awaken at a new level, leading to unexpected and beautiful changes and new vistas will open up before you. 



Ready to uncover Your Unique Genius Codes and Work In Your Zone of Brilliance?

Aligning your natural energy to your career/business has become much simpler.

My clients achieve in months what took me many years to figure out.


This is more than simply connecting with other powerful female leaders, this is a chance for you to ignite your career or business, transform your relationships, and your body & health using ONE SIMPLE SYSTEM.

This one system includes gene keys, human design, energetics.  Plus my dozens of extensive mindset, healing masters, and self-actualization experience. I've combined it all in a simple system so you don't need to spend a lifetime + 9 years of trial and errors + spend $500,000 like I did trying to figure this out.  



The System:

1. The Gene Keys  - Your Map to discovering who you are here to "BE".
2. Human Design - How you "DO" life.
3. Your Hologenetic Profile - Your Compass
4. Your Goddess Within Path - A guided + fully integrated journey so you don't spend a lifetime trying to figure this out.
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How Do We End Up Misaligned With Our Work & Life?


Before you were born, you were pure. Once you took physical form, you found yourself in environments that began to shape you and inform your social perspectives, and as you grew up, you began to then condition yourself by placing meaning on those experiences. 

Ex: "No one sat with me at lunch, I must be a loser." This then creates an inner emotion, which then, over time, becomes a mood, and then crystallized even more into your identity or character trait. And this becomes the spell you live under!

And you find yourself saying things like, "This is how I've always been.", "This is how it is for me." 


When you are NOT living in alignment, your own soul begins to whisper, call, and then shout.




The truth is...


You end up creating a reality based on who you BELIEVE yourself to be.

Your current reality is based on the quilt of meaning you've made from the experiences you have had in the past. 

And now... you find yourself at the crossroads of a calling that invites you to BE your truest essence, to return to your purest form. And life won't feel good until you let go of who you 'think' you are, to make room for the true gifted YOU to step out. 

Are you ready to feel like you are home again?

Are you ready to answer that call? 



Everything is energy.  

We all feel the truth of energy, and because we cannot see it, very few seek to understand it.

But the most masterful person in any business or personal relationship, is the person that has mastered their own energy. 

Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Natalie, Like you I have many gifts...  

I am seen as ... a Healer, DNA Gift/Genius Activator, Psychic, Channeller & Translator of Energetics 'aka unknown', Paradigm Shifter, Thought Leader, Void Mystic, Spiritual Trailblazer and so much more...

How I see myself?

Ha Ha ... Its simple, a scientist of energetics.  

A person obsessed with experiencing, transmuting, manipulating, translating and understanding energy.  You know... that energy we all feel but very few are taught how to understand it. Everything on this planet is energy. Who you are here to BE is a lighter energy, and the crud you are carrying that is not yours is a heavier energy. You can feel the heaviness of it, right? Your thoughts are also energy before they are transformed into something physical that you can experience and see with your eyes. We all feel energy, but because we can't see it, very few seek to understand it.

I first stumbled across energetics when I was called to heal some of my own deepest relationship wounds that I inherited from my ancestors & society when it comes to  love, work, money, and my body. It was quite the journey for me - 9 years/ 450,000/ dozens of healing masters/ scientific studies/ initiations, and MANY MANY trial and errors.

I've had the honour of working with hundreds of women to help them achieve in months what took me a crazy amount of years to figure out and move through.

Decide to align with your unique & natural gifted flow, and watch the power of the Universe support you in the most magical way.

More about Natalie

YES! When you are ready for this journey, it will be the simplest and most fun thing you'll have ever done.


Love, living against your own grain, like 95% of the population, will always be the hardest work you ever do in life!


Love, it gets to be GOOD for you now! It gets to be EASIER, so you can spend your energy creating magic in your life, not spend it trying to get out of our loop of dooms. 


You've done a lot of heavy lifting & pushing but it wasn't all for nothing. That's the strength that will make this journey easier for you. 

You are on this planet for a reason. Use your strength to align with your calling, fill that void, and watch your life transform in the most magical way.


We are all far more than what we've been told we are.



Every day your higher self is showing you who you really are and what gifted path is YOURS to take.

But your mind gets in the way.


Love, we are NOT our minds but we've been conditioned to follow the loud voices and stories in our minds. That's why so many of us are stuck living mediocre lives compared to what is available to us. We can feel there's more.  And deeply hidden within us... we are unconsciously looking/wishing to be  "saved".  And your higher self is like... 'psss, only I can give you everything you deeply want and more! Please listen to me not your mind!' 


So many get caught up with looking for the magic pill, or the magic relationship or that right business opportunity... and that's because the majority are unconsciously looking to be saved!


Are you ready to open yourself up to see and listen beyond the loud chatter of your mind so that you may re-connect to your inner teacher, your higher self, your soul and unlock all the love, freedom, joy, fun, prosperity, health that is available for you in this lifetime! 
Natalie's world is beyond the personal development, mindset, healing, therapy and the manifestation work out there because who you are here to be, is wayyyy beyond that. Who you are here to BE has never been done before!
Not everyone is ready to drop the never ending chase and forcing to 'get more' and enter this much simpler, more practical, and higher level world of soul expansion, gift activation, inner peace and euphoria.


Yes - this journey will be simple when you are ready for it!

Love, living against your own grain is the hardest work you will ever do in your life!


95% live that way. That's why people's bodies are not at ease, relationships are always draining, and there's no room in their lives to receive new energies they want (Energies such as money, opportunities, people, fun, joy and much more.)


When you choose to align to that natural flow you were born with, it gets easier!

Love, all that heavy lifting and pushing got you here...  it was all so worth it!

But it gets to be simpler for you now.

This gets to be fun now.

*FREE GIFT* Connect To Your Brilliance Now