Natalie Bouchard


After achieving what others call "success".

Natalie hit a wall. 


She chased and wanted the great home and the picture perfect family. She got it.

She chased and reinvented herself to become a  top sales executive. She achieved it.

She chased and reinvented herself to have 'the body'.  She achieved outstanding top pro athletic medals. 


But it all began to feel so empty, unfulfilling and frustrating.

According to everyone around her.  

This was success.

It was all BS!

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And even after leaving the corporate world and becoming a PGI Consultant and joining Bob Proctor's Inner Circle... she still couldn't let go of...



And we get to a point in our lives and think... what the heck is this all for?



That will throw us out of alignment with who we are authentically here to BE.

To feel euphoric, fulfilled and free in life, we must live in alignment with our true self.

Dione Irwin

Natalie is a strong woman that cares very much and she is very intuitive and knows what you need to guide you towards what your heart desires. I love her! She has helped me go so far in my business during a time I was struggling with a major love life disruption. Stop thinking about it, just do it! 

Finally, after 7 years of working with some of the best spiritual teachers around the world... Natalie discovered Gene Keys. Which is based off of the Chinese I Ching dating 300 BC. It offers a means of unlocking your untapped potential by awakening the sleeping genius locked in our DNA.

At first, Natalie was not interested! lol. She felt since she knew enough systems like Human Design... that she didn't need this. But it kept following her and she ended up winning a scholarship to work with a Gene Key Master. It was clear that the Universe wanted her to go in that direction.

This is when she began to unlock far more of her untapped potential that was hiding in her DNA and discovered her specific calling, her deepest wounds, and so much more.

Many fear soul-alignment because of what they could potentially lose in their life. Never did she realize that she now earns in a month what she used to earn in a year.  She is off a week every month. She has friends all over the world, she attracts soul friends everywhere she goes, she is the mom and lover she always wanted to be and her authenticity is creating a big impact in this world. 

Your most unique and euphoric life is waiting for you. 

But you must go first and make the first move towards it.

Dr Kirsha Finemore


I almost said no because I had just graduated and money was tight. This was the best decision I have ever made. In the last year I have attracted the love of my life, my income is up 40%, I manifested my dream acreage with my animals. It's crazy! And I'm just getting started. 

 Jen Penner

I just want to say I am so freaking grateful for this group and how I stumbled upon Natalie's workshop. There are no accidents!! I now live my FREE life in Mexico, something I always wanted. You helped me align and connect to who I was, what I wanted and then you shared the tools how to get me to my dream life. There's no way I could have done this alone. I had too many fears.


I am grateful to come across Natalie's information. I was ready to close my business due to health issues but when I got to the root cause of my ailments and disease I am no longer debilitated, and my business is thriving again and I get to be a mom and a wife that I always knew I could be.

 Zoe Arsenault


We have been deeply conditioned to gather more information and to seek 'ah ha moments' because we think this is the way.

It's not. It's a trap.

I have a lifetime of experience as a high achiever, plus 7 years of mindset, spiritual activations and initiations. 20 years of business & financial consulting and was named the top consultant in the industry. I received dozens of certifications from top mindset masters and spiritual teachers such as Bob Proctor, Authentic Living, Dr Sue Morter, Caroline Myss, Tony Robbins and many more. I have studied and embodied the mastery of Reiki, Sacred geometry energy healing, neuro-linguistic programming, quantum physics and energetics. I studied with MNU Nutrition. I am a nutritionist, and a fitness & food behaviour specialist. I have studied around the world learning about our powerful medical intuitive system and somatic healing. And I couldn't get enough when it came to learning the energetics behind love and relationships... and the list keeps going on and on. lol


Why am I sharing all of this?

Because once I connected to my natural essence and self-actualized, I realized it never needed to be this complicated... lol.

The Gene Key + Human Design + Integration Work = Soul Alignment

And soul alignment unlocks all the joy, love, prosperity, opportunities, vitality that is available for you in this lifetime. 


I'm ready to live in my brilliance

I see so many people gather information like I did, and it does not change lives. 

Integration work that leads you back to your inner teacher is the power that we are seeking. But we have been deeply conditioned to gather more information because we are addicted to ah ha moments and think this is the way.

It's not. It's a trap.

Look around, we live in an era where all the information you will ever need is available to you for free. Yet, people are feeling more disconnected, stressed, unhealthy, anxious, fearful, unfulfilled than ever.  

P.S. Who you are here to be is NOT found in a program/master, book, google or degree. 

Also, you will not connect to it once you get "there"...  "wherever your next "THERE" is. That's not how this works.   

Love, it gets to be easy for you now. It gets to be good.  Are you ready to drop the "pushing, forcing, heavy lifting"?  Are you ready for something different? Something more freeing, fulfilling, loving, and euphoric that will rise your feminine essence.

Allow me to show you a much quicker, simpler, modern and practical way.



I love trailblazing the unknown, energetic, and spiritual realms...

So you don't have to spend a lifetime trying to figure out how this life works. Life is not complicated. It's more simple than we've been taught. 

I LOVE taking the most complicated psychological, spiritual, energetics and quantum science methods out there and ground them in a way that you can use in your life in the most custom, simplest, modern, freeing and practical way.