When You Are Ready To Receive Magic And...


Be the feminine that is meant to rise and lead.

Be the feminine that breaks the glass ceiling and changes the narrative.

Be the feminine that radiates, emanates and creates a space where her authentic brilliance can shine.

Be her that leads in her feminine and illuminates passion and light.

Be her that lives in her zone of brilliance and works from joy in the most effortless way.

Be the feminine that is easily adored and honoured by the masculine.


When you are ready...

You will come back home to yourself.


1) You may be flourishing financially and in many areas of your life, but you feel restricted by external rules, and you hear an inner call for something different.


2) Even with the external validation of success, you're treading water on the inside.


3) You know something subtle that you can't name is out of alignment.


4) You may feel disconnected and disillusioned by years of hustle and reaching for status-based success, leaving you burnt out without knowing how to get out. 


5) Maybe you are starting to feel resentment towards your career or business. 


6) Even though you are the shining image of success externally, you feel stagnant, even trapped internally. 


7) Perhaps you are beginning to experience negative physical changes due to the stress this is having on your body. 


8) Maybe you are experiencing frustration and resentment in your personal and professional relationships. Possibly having you feel alone.

If you feel the truth in your heart or belly that it's time to choose a new path. Let's explore who you would BE without the weight of external voices, rules, and metrics.

Natalie, I am ready! Let's Chat!


Please Note: Not everyone is selected to enter our portal.

Natalie intentionally visits with each person personally as she can read whether this will give you the results you desire or not. It is important for Natalie to honour her own alignment which in turn guarantees her clients a 100% success rate.

Dr. Kirsha Finemore

I almost said no to this program because I had just graduated and money was tight. This was the best decision I have ever made. In the last year I have attracted the love of my life, my income is up 40%, I manifested my dream acreage with my animals. It's crazy!

And I'm just getting started. 

You Are Forever Worth Exponentially More.

For the strong, independent woman who wants effortless, weightless prosperity, business/career, love, relationships and more.


It's simple. We offer one master system, "Work & Life Alignment".

We don't waste your time with little programs giving you part of the information.

Our clients are ready to do the deep dive and transform their lives in the most magical way.

So, same system, but you get to choose to experience it in two different ways.


1) Group Dynamic


2) One on One + Group Dynamic



I'd love to chat and discover more!
Please Note: Not everyone is selected to enter our portal.

Natalie intentionally visits with each person personally as she can read whether this will give you the results you desire or not. It is important for Natalie to honour her own alignment which in turn guarantees her clients a 100% success rate. 

Zoe Arsenault

I was ready to close my business due to health issues but when I got to the root cause of my ailments and disease I am no longer debilitated and my business is thriving again and I get to be a mom and wife that I always knew I could be. 

Smaller Groups

Tailored coaching for your unique intention.

Individual one on one support along with a group setting.

A merging of the mind, body and spirit via coaching, somatic, neuro linguistic programming and more.

Voxer Support 7 days a week.

Integration Calls

We offer three different integration call groups specific to what you need in your life... (1)Business/Career  (2)Love & Relationships (3)Health/Body 3 X week (3 wks/mth) for questions, support and guidance.

We live in an era that is all about gathering information and skipping the most important part-- the integration work. Not everyone is able to do integration/healing work. Many are teachers in this industry. Teachers and healers are not the same. They carry different energies. Teachers provide information and use their natural high energy to move people. The natural energy of healers help surface and shed what you no longer want to hold onto and guide you towards your own inner wisdom & gifts. 


Your Gifts/Calling

My own gifting calls out of you that which is hidden in the dark and brings it to the light in order for you to release all that is blocking you from your natural gifted essence.

Your timeline will shift quickly and you'll begin to feel and see a new world the moment you choose to enter this portal of endless possibilities.

Human You (3D) + Spirit You (5D) =  Magic You! 

The Pathway

Using the Energetic System:

1) Gene Keys - Your map to discovering who you are here to "BE".

2) Human Design - How you are here to "do" life.

3) Your Hologenetic Profile - Your compass

4) Your Goddess Within Path - A guided journey so you don't spend a lifetime trying to figure this out. 


Dione Irwin

Natalie is a strong woman that cares very much and she is very intuitive and knows what you need to guide you towards what your heart desires. I love her! She has helped me go so far in my business during a time I was struggling with a major love life disruption. Stop thinking about it, just do it! 

Imagine having the support and structure you need where your feminine has the freedom to move, feel safe, and be unleashed into the world.

Jen Penner

I felt trapped in a life, town, profession & relationship I didn't want.

I came across Natalie's workshop and I knew I needed to work with her. I am now living my most free, happy life in Mexico. This used to appear like an impossible dream and now I'm living it. 

I've had the honour of working with hundreds of women around the world to help them tap into their unique, intuitive selves and reclaim their sovereignty. 


But I know it hasn't always been easy.

Like so many of us, we were taught to feel guilty and ashamed, to compare ourselves to others and try to be "the good girl" by societal standards. And many of us, are also bringing home the bacon and cooking it too. 

In doing so, we often lose sight of who we truly are and feel misunderstood, alone, and scared.

But it's never too late to come home to ourselves and reclaim our right to just be. 

This is your invitation to working from joy, creating a business or and/or personal life that transcends the trends.

A legacy that amplifies your authority an aligns with your real purpose. 

With my expertise of business & personal coaching, intuitive and psychic channeling, and balancing masculine and feminine energies, I'll guide you on a path to breaking free from old conditioning and creating a synergy of all elements.  

Christy Dreilling

Within a short period of time working with Kevin, I earned the largest income I have ever earned (85K/M) and more importantly, I attracted the love of my life! I'm so in love with my life now! 

Jocelyn Bilodeau

When I first started working with Natalie I was angry all the time, blaming, working hard and always struggling. Something drew me to Natalie and now I feel so free and have connected with my true gifts, and purpose.

I discovered that I am an intuitive psychic and healer and I now share these gifts with the world. 

Our souls whisper to us...



We do not need to be small.

Our desires matter.

Everything we want is accessible to us.


All available.

There for us to own...

Once we come home to who we are.

And who we're REALLY here to be.

I'm ready to come home!
**Please Note: Not everyone is selected to enter our portal.**

Natalie intentionally visits with each person personally as she can read whether this will give you the results you desire or not. It is important for Natalie to honour her own alignment which in turn guarantees her clients a 100% success rate.

However you can be certain that one call with Natalie, you will feel more aligned than ever before.

Thomas Welsh

Debbie and I are so grateful for this experience and the info you have brought to my family. Business has been through the roof, profits in my business I have never seen and I love how this has impacted my boys in a positive way, and people are noticing our energy has changed.

Here's our promise to you...

I don't offer cookie-cutter strategies, try to make you the same as me, or insist that the way I personally created my life is the best way.

My relationship with each client is sacred and unique. No two are the same.

That's how I guarantee incredible results for the person that is energetically ready for this work.

In this journey, we'll dive deep into your Human Design, Soul Evolution, Energetic Archetype, show you how to heal your deepest ancestral wounds and how to integrate everything and ascend into your siddhi.

That's how hundreds of my clients around the world have achieved the most magical results.

Many have doubled their income, refined their business models and attracted aligned careers.

Many have found their dreamiest partners, moved countries, manifested their dream homes, released the weight and/or physical ailment or chronic pains.

This list goes on.

Are you ready to join them and create a life filled with limitless wealth, euphoria, freedom and extraordinary impact?

This is your birthright, love. 

Are you ready to apply to join this exclusive portal?

Natalia Neville

I have worked with many mindset and spiritual teachers. Natalie is very unique with what she does. I am so grateful to have found her in Bob Proctor's inner circle. If you are looking to get unstuck behind your body over 40, connect to your soul and learn how to love your life again, this is for you.