Magnetism * Love * Power


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How strong, independent women can go from feeling resentment and dissatisfaction to ....

1) Operating from their area of expertise and passion.

2) Receiving affection and admiration in their relationships.

3) Rejuvenate and restore their youthful beauty and vitality.

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Achieve your goals effortlessly, without the need for constant pushing, forcing, and working harder.


Without the need for excessive pushing, forcing, and relentless education and hard work. In fact, that is one of the underlying issues.


This will change everything for YOU.


EVEN IF you have lots of education, you have done lots of coaching, and personal development work.

This 3-Day program we will cover...


1- You are HERE to be in your zone of genius and brilliance. I'll reveal how you were born on a specific day, specific time and a specific place for a reason. Ready to discover what your genius is? When a woman is NOT living in her zone of genius she was BORN TO BE in... she experiences mediocrity and unfulfillment in her business/career, relationships and vitality.


2- I'll share how many women unconsciously are leaking huge amounts of energy and power daily with love, kids, body, work that keeps their genius DNA dormant. Lets learn how to plug those leaks and activate a brilliance in you that is beyond your imagination.


3- I'll reveal the hidden cause and truth of why there's a rising epidemic of over worked and burned out women. So many women are slowly losing their spark, their health, their sexual creative vitality, their "x-factor", and feel more alone and tired carrying everything. And no, none of it has to do with aging, inequalities, bad luck, or narcissistic men.


When life seems to be frustrating, complicated, heavy and appear like its falling apart...


 It means one thing.


Something really big is available for you right NOW.

A portal of opportunity has opened up for you…


Your mind cannot see it.

But your higher self is trying to show you a new way.


This is an exciting time for anyone that is willing to see their life differently.


I KNOW - it does NOT feel exciting!

But I KNOW FOR CERTAIN... something beautiful is trying to enter your life right now!!


I'd love the opportunity to show you what that is.

Simply embodying your feminine energy and waiting is not enough.


Likewise, relying solely on your masculine energy, working hard, forcing things to happen, shoving your beauty aside, and feeling alone in all of your human doing'ness' is also inadequate.


Are you ready to feel free and learn how to activate that part of you that is naturally magnetic, love and power?







Ready to live in YOUR zone of brilliance? 





You were born on a specific day, specific time and a specific place for a reason.

Together let's discover what your genius is!


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What Others Are Saying...

Jen P.

I just want to say I am so freaking grateful for this group and how I stumbled upon this workshop. There are no accidents!! I now life my FREE life in Mexico, something I always wanted. You helped me align and connect to who I was, what I wanted and then you shared the tools how to get me to my dream life. There's no way I could have done this alone. I had too many fears. 

Dr Kirsha F.

I have attracted the love of my life, my income is up 40%, I manifested my dream acreage with my animals. It's crazy!  Open your mind to what Natalie and Kevin share. Being a Dr., I love the science-based information to apply to my life.

Debbie and Thomas W.

We are so happy and grateful for this program and the info you have brought to us and our boys. Business has been through the roof, profits I have never seen "6-figure monthly NET profits" and I love how people are noticing how our energy has changed.

Traci M.

I am not new to personal development, it's amazing the major breakthroughs that me and my husband are experiencing. I knew that after 12 months of working with Natalie my life would not be the same again and I'm right! Highly recommend.

Jessica H.

Working with Natalie and Kevin I have completely changed my relationship with my body and health. We are also earning more and manifested an exceptional home. The information here will blow you away. 

Shannon O.

I just expected my health and fitness to change but I got far more out of this. I love where my life is taking me now.

Natalia N.

I have worked with many mindset and spiritual teachers. Natalie is very unique with what she does. I am so grateful to have found her in Bob Proctor's Inner Circle. If you are looking to get unstuck behind your body over 40, connect to your soul and learn how to love your life again, this is for you.

Cindy B.

This insight is priceless. I'm down over 60 pounds. Natalie teaches the tools needed to control your own mind, connect to the true you, release all your past baggage and live free and peaceful the way your heart wants. You MUST watch her workshops. I'm sure glad I did!

Christie D.

Within a very short period of time I earned the largest income I have ever earned (85K/month) and more importantly, attracted the love of my life! I'm so in love with my life now!

Zoe A.

I am grateful to come across Natalie's information. I was ready to close my business due to health issues but when I got to the root cause of my ailments and disease I am no longer debilitated and my business is thriving again and I get to be a mom and a wife that I always knew I could be.


Michelle H.

I am so grateful to come across Natalie's workshops. You have no idea how much this can transform your life...I'm now operating from my authentic self and life is far more joyful, peaceful and rewarding.


Brigitte B.

I'm Natalie's sister and we never got along. lol Much of it had to do with us having experienced an eventful childhood. I could see the major changes in her life in such a short period of time. It's like one day she woke up and had access to all this wisdom. She's family, she can't hide from us. lol.  I needed to learn what she was doing differently. I knew if she could, I could too. This has changed my entire view of my world. After so many failed relationships I have finally found my twin flame. I earn double what I did before with less stress. I am regaining my youthful body again. This information is very life changing.


Diane M.

My vision board is happening and everything is aligning. I am so happy to have given this a chance. I am not too old at 65 to have all that I desire. I now feel confident, strong, sometimes opinionated and I love that about myself and feel so awesome. I am so proud of you Natalie, I remember you as this little girl in Ramore that struggled. And to see what you are doing now for me and others is incredible. I highly recommend this to anyone.


This women, my cousin, has changed my life forever and I just want you to give this a chance and open your mind. She does share something that is different, but in this case, different is good.


Sean S.

I was stuck when it came to my health and fitness and love life. I felt I had lost all excitement for life. I wanted to find the love of my life and wanted to get in shape. At first I had a hard time letting go of coca-cola lol but today, I am down 58 pounds and I am engaged to my soul mate. I highly recommend.


Michelle B

This workshop has increased my self-awareness by 10X and it was so much fun! Now I know what my next steps are. I truly recommend this. You have to fully experience it to really embody how life changing this is. Natalie gives her all to this. 


Sacha L.

My body image issues had shifted over to my beautiful daughter. Plus I had many health issues. Natalie's powerful information has really helped me change what is going on inside of me. I see my body so differently now and my life is so much more fun and exciting. We've been taught to hate our bodies and Natalie knows how to guide you towards unconditional love for yourself.


Dione I.

Natalie is a strong woman that cares so much and she is very intuitive and knows what you need to guide you towards what your heart desires. I love her! She has helped me go so far in my business during a time I was struggling with a major love life disruption. Today I have found my true love - me and I have attracted an amazing man into my life. Stop thinking about it, just do it! 

Christine D

Your workshop struck things within me and there were tears and if felt great to know I was not alone. I own a very successful business but not entirely feeling fulfilled and this information has changed so much for me in how I view my life.

Renelle J.

In the first minutes of meeting Natalie I knew something big would happen. It did take me a year before taking that leap in her world. And today I ask myself why did I allow it to take so long. (Natalie would say devine timing is always perfect). She has taught me to love myself again, to reclaim my power and trust the realisation of my biggest dreams. Thank you to this woman for the positive impact in my life.